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The task feature allowed an easy way to delegate tasks across multiple different locations and I can see exactly who has and who hasn't seen the task.

Angie Maher

Operations Manager Cowan’s Optical’s

Reporting helps you find trends and identify areas of improvement

You can't improve your maintenance process without understanding what works and what doesn't.

Spot trouble before it costs you

See where your money is being spent, which asset is costing the most, what parts are being used the most, and identify what to do about it quickly.

Coast Tasks

Improve your technician's performance

Drill down into the performance of each technician and see how many work orders are being completed, not completed, and in progress. Now you'll have the insight to provide coaching and keep your team sharp and productive.

End of day checklist

Make data-driven adjustments to your maintenance process

Use Coast's reporting to understand if you're doing too much maintenance on certain equipment and immediately adjust work orders and maintenance schedules to save time and money.

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