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Coast has been great, as a manager, it has saved me at least 30 minutes every morning because I don’t have to go through paper checklists anymore to see if all the tasks were completed. I love being able to see how many people have finished their work and if they have done their job correctly.

Billy Hampton

General Manager Roni's Pub + Kitchen

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Create checklists in seconds

Easily create one-time or recurring checklists that can be assigned to a specific person, team, or shift.

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Give your staff the ability to check off checklist items right from their mobile phone instead of a clipboard. Your staff will get notifications and reminders to make sure to complete the checklist before the due date.

Mobile checklist

Know when work gets done

With Coast, you'll no longer have to go through stacks of paper to see which tasks are completed each day. You'll get notified immediately once a checklist is completed so you can save time and focus on other aspects of your business.

Track productivity over time

With a complete report on who is completing which checklists and when, you'll be easily to identify top performers and trends for improvements.