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Coast makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page by bringing team chat, tasks, and workflows into one place.

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Coast, an all-in-one workspace

See how Coast makes it easy to keep all of your maintenance together in one place.

Work Orders

Create, assign, and prioritize your work orders

Preventative Maintenance

Schedule maintenance based on days, weeks, or months passed

Asset Management

Pull up asset information and history in seconds

Inventory Management

Organize your parts and keep track of quantity

Team Communications

Discuss maintenance issues in real-time

Maintenance Problems Solved by Coast

1) You'll never lose track of a work order again

Easily create, update, and track work orders and work requests while keeping your records in one place

2) You'll know exactly what's happening anytime

Know which work order is being worked on, what parts are in stock, and what asset is down.

3) Your maintenance team will know what to do next

Set due dates and priority on work orders so your team knows what to work on next.

4) Manage maintenance on the go, from anywhere

Access and update work orders, assets, parts out in the field with our easy to use mobile app.

5) You'll be able to reduce maintenance costs

See all your costs on parts, labor, and more for your assets. Use this data to make smart repair or replace decisions.

The task feature allowed an easy way to delegate tasks across multiple different locations and I can see exactly who has and who hasn't seen the task.

Angie Maher

Operations Manager Cowan’s Optical’s

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