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The task feature allowed an easy way to delegate tasks across multiple different locations and I can see exactly who has and who hasn't seen the task.

Angie Maher

Operations Manager Cowan’s Optical’s

Coast keeps all your maintenance in one place

Stop wasting time following up with your team to make sure work is getting done.

Improve the performance and health of your equipment

With Coast, you can make any work order repeat based on days, weeks, or months so you can ensure work is getting done on a set schedule.

Coast Tasks

Reduce maintenance and labor costs

Fixing equipment only after it breaks down is extremely costly. Coast will shift your maintenance strategy from reactive to preventive to help you avoid unexpected equipment breakdowns.

End of day checklist

Ensure work gets done consistently

Don't let your technicians waste time figuring out what to do. Create preventive maintenance checklists that can be added to any work order to make sure work gets done the same way every time, regardless of who is working on it.

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