7 Best CMMS Software in 2024

Maintenance worker who uses CMMS software

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software helps businesses manage maintenance processes in order to optimize their most prized assets. Think a fleet of airplanes operated by an airline. Or all that packaging equipment used to make chocolate bars shine in the candy aisle.

A maintenance team needs a place to not only keep track of these assets but to also streamline the process for creating work orders should an equipment malfunction occur. 

7 Best CMMS Software

  • Coast for best-in-class customization
  • UpKeep for connecting to IoT devices
  • MaintainX for adding procedures to work orders
  • Limble for offline mode
  • Fiix for third-party integrations
  • eMaint for international locations
  • Maintenance Care for maintenance-team notifications

What Makes the Best CMMS Software?

Used mostly by internal facility maintenance teams, all cloud-based CMMS software have the same key components. First, the software should have detailed asset- and part-management options in order to keep track of your inventory metrics and KPIs. You also want the option to be able to create and track work orders as well as easily communicate with the maintenance team and any third parties interested in when and how an asset is being fixed. If you’re working with especially large (and expensive!) pieces of equipment, a quality CMMS software should also allow you to schedule recurring preventive maintenance tasks to keep your assets running smoothly and to help you discover any issues along the way.

With all of this in mind, here are five things to consider when choosing the best CMMS software:

  • Ease of use: There’s no point in implementing a new maintenance system if nobody on your team understands how to use it. A quality mobile-first CMMS software should be as easy as using an app on your phone. 
  • Communication options: In-app messaging and work-order comment sections allow maintenance teams to communicate easily, whether they’re in the field or at an office.
  • Customization: Different maintenance teams have different pain points, which makes customizing the various assets, work orders and other fields in a CMMS helpful. 
  • Automation and integrations: Automated alerts for overdue maintenance projects and being able to integrate your CMMS software with existing tools helps with organization.
  • Reporting and analytics: Various reports allow you to get a holistic view of your asset health as well as the productivity of your maintenance team.

With all these factors in mind, let’s take a look at the leading CMMS software to help you understand which one is best suited for your business’ maintenance needs.

The Best CMMS Software at a Glance

Best for Standout Feature Pricing
Coast Customization Various fields can be customized to the needs of the customer Free plan available; paid plans from $20/month per user
UpKeep Connecting to IoT devices UpKeep IoT Sensors help automate data collection From $20/month per user
MaintainX Adding procedures to work orders Ability to add procedures to work orders and change them with ease Free plan available; paid plans from $16/month per user
Limble Offline mode Information can be viewed and work can be performed without access to the internet Free plan available; paid plans from $28/month per user
Fiix Third-party integrations Integrates well with other systems and data sources Free plan available; paid plans from $45/month per user
eMaint International locations Offers built-in support for 30+ languages From $69/month per user for a 3-person plan
Maintenance Care Maintenance-team notifications Unlimited users for Work Order Edition Free plan available; paid plans from $100 for unlimited users

Coast – For Best-in-Class CustomizationCoast asset template

Coast sets itself apart from other CMMS software by offering customizable fields throughout the app, so users can manage their maintenance operations in accordance with their individual needs. That means work orders, asset inventory management and preventive maintenance scheduling can all be created using a company’s internal language with as much or as little detail needed. This also makes implementation and scalability easy for your maintenance team, so they can focus on other tasks at hand.

Key features:

  • Customizable fields that make initial adoption easy for maintenance teams
  • In-app messaging and comments within work orders that create better communication between employees, whether they’re working in the field or at an office
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling, with daily, weekly or monthly reminders
  • Automated alerts regarding deadlines for asset maintenance or work-order assignments
  • Robust analytics and reporting tools that track everything from asset uptime to maintenance work being completed

Coast pros:

  • Intuitive and easy to use, especially the option to attach photos and checklists to work orders
  • Detailed asset management fields that makes it easy to track maintenance costs
  • Customers report responsive customer service, especially during onboarding

Coast cons:

  • Certain native integrations are limited
  • Reporting only available on paid plans

Coast price:

  • Free plan is available with unlimited messages and chat support
  • Starter plan is available for $20 a month per user
  • Pro plan is available for $39 a month per user
  • Users need to call for Enterprise plan quotes 

UpKeep – For Connecting to IoT Devices

UpKeep work order

Founded in 2014, UpKeep has become a well-known CMMS software solution in the market. Customers report that its work-order tracking and reporting is easy to implement and that they benefit from it being a “one-stop shop” for asset management information. UpKeep’s ability to connect with IoT devices — specifically vibration, gas, temperature, humidity and security sensors — also makes real-time monitoring and reporting of key assets a breeze for maintenance teams.

Key features:

  • Intuitive work-order creation, management and reporting
  • Preventive maintenance tracking for large assets
  • Activity dashboard and option for alerts and notifications
  • QR codes and barcode scanning
  • Availability of UpKeep IoT Sensors for automated data collection from assets that don’t already have integrated PLCs or sensors

UpKeep pros:

  • Easy to use and scale
  • Work-order features are robust and integrate well with existing processes
  • Real-time reporting helps track how much time and money is being spent on any given asset

UpKeep cons:

  • Lacks customization for users
  • Integration can sometimes be confusing
  • Customers have reported intermittent connection issues

UpKeep price:

  • Free trials are available
  • Lite plan is available for $20 a month per user
  • Starter plan is available for $45 a month per user
  • Professional plan is available for $75 a month per user
  • Users need to call for Enterprise plan quotes 

MaintainX – For Adding Procedures to Work Orders

MaintainXHaving started in 2018, MaintainX is one of the newer ones on this list, but it’s quickly becoming a competitive brand in the space. Its real-time communication allows for excellent collaboration between teams, and customers love the ability to manage preventive maintenance through repeated work orders. Its crisp, white-and-blue interface keeps creating new work orders simple, while also including more complex features like adding procedures and checklists to requests.

Key features:

  • Simple and intuitive work-order creation
  • Option to add procedures to work orders and change them with ease
  • Meter readings for preventive maintenance
  • In-app messaging and status updates that enhance communication between departments
  • Provides high-level reporting for exec team

MaintainX pros:

  • Implementation is easy 
  • Ability to make changes to multiple work orders at the same time
  • Integrates well with other applications

MaintainX cons:

  • Some features require a learning curve
  • Lack of customization in the work-order request form
  • Can’t create PDF printouts of filtered work orders

MaintainX price:

  • Basic plan is free with unlimited work orders and real-time messaging
  • Essential plan is available for $16 a month per user
  • Premium plan is available for $49 a month per user
  • Users need to call for Enterprise plan quotes 

Limble – For Offline Mode

Limble CMMS softwareAvailable in more than 15 languages, Limble is an excellent choice for multilingual teams or companies that require maintenance management internationally. Customers like its ability to customize QR codes to different assets and locations and that anyone can submit a work-order request without having to login to Limble. But what really sets it apart is that it allows teams to work offline, uploading maintenance information in the field when internet access is limited.

Key features:

  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • Real-time notifications on work orders
  • Ability for work orders to be submitted by anyone
  • QR codes that simplify asset tracking
  • Offline mode that allows work to be performed without access to the internet

Limble pros:

  • Robust functionality, including modular IoT predictive maintenance
  • Can be used in offline mode
  • Available in 15+ languages

Limble cons:

  • Searching and sorting assets and parts can be confusing
  • Preventive maintenance orders not as intuitive
  • Doesn’t allow for customization to specific industry needs

Limble price:

  • Basic plan is free with unlimited work orders and real-time communication
  • Standard plan is available for $28 a month per user
  • Premium plan is available for $69 a month per user
  • Users need to call for Enterprise plan quotes 

Fiix – For Third-Party Integrations

Fiix offers a user-friendly interface with robust features for both asset and work-order management for companies of all sizes. The integration capabilities of the Fiix Integration Hub make it easy for companies that need to connect the CMMS to other enterprise systems — think IoT sensors, control systems and other applications like SAP, Oracle and NetSuite. Fiix’s mobile app also keeps it simple for workers in the field who need to upload photos and access task lists.

Key features:

  • Ability to track maintenance and repairs at multiple locations
  • Integrates well with other systems and data sources
  • Templates available for work orders and asset management
  • Interactive dashboard that simplifies work requests
  • Drag and drop calendar

Fiix pros:

  • Robust functionality for asset and work-order management
  • Mobile app allows users to create work orders on the go from their mobile device
  • Can store files under each asset

Fiix cons:

  • Limited filters in some of the CMMS features
  • Reporting can be difficult to use and isn’t always accurate
  • Onboarding could be better streamlined

Fiix price:

  • Free plan is available with unlimited service requests
  • Basic plan is available for $45 a month per user
  • Professional plan is available for $75 a month per user
  • Users need to call for Enterprise plan quotes 

eMaint – For International Locations

eMainteMaint Enterprises was founded in 1986, so to say it’s a trusted brand is an understatement. With that time comes a wealth of knowledge in helping companies manage assets and schedule maintenance. Case in point: eMaint’s ability to translate into 33 languages, ensuring that maintenance work doesn’t get lost in translation. Its simple drag and drop preventive maintenance calendar is especially intuitive for international teams.

Key features:

  • Robust functionality offering a clear overview of maintenance activities and workflows
  • Work-order generator
  • Comprehensive tracking of asset performance and purchase orders
  • Regular compliance reporting for audits
  • Ability to support 33+ languages

eMaint pros:

  • Customizable scheduling that allows for flexibility
  • User-friendly interface
  • QR code utilization

eMaint cons:

  • Less focused on mobile
  • Reporting isn’t always intuitive
  • More expensive than most other CMMS software

eMaint price:

  • Team plan is available for $207 a month for a three-user package
  • Professional plan is available for $85 a month per user (with a three-user minimum)
  • Users need to call for Enterprise plan quotes 

Maintenance Care – For Maintenance-Team Notifications

Maintenance Care
Maintenance Care’s biggest selling point is that its pricing is different from most others on this list in that it offers a set fee for unlimited users. This is great for teams that want to add multiple users from the get-go but less so for smaller ones or teams simply looking to test drive the software with a one or two people. Work orders display almost like an email message, making it simple and user-friendly with instant notifications to the maintenance team as soon as a request is made.

Key features:

  • Easy to use with an intuitive user interface
  • Instant notifications on work orders
  • Free cloud storage for in-app documents and photos
  • Integrations with Google Calendar, Ring Central, Excel spreadsheets and more
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling capabilities

Maintenance Care pros:

  • Anyone can submit work orders
  • Easy to track breakdowns and depreciation of valuable assets throughout their lifespan
  • Unlimited users with Work Order Edition

Maintenance Care cons:

  • Reporting isn’t very user friendly
  • Feedback loop could be better to the person who originally submitted the work order
  • First paid plan is much higher than other CMMS software

Maintenance Care price:

  • Free Edition is available with the ability to submit and manage work orders
  • Work Order Edition is available for $100 a month for unlimited users
  • Enterprise Edition is available for $175 a month for unlimited users

The Bottom Line on CMMS Solutions

While all of these CMMS solutions offer similar features in regard to asset information and work-order management, they differ slightly depending on the user’s maintenance strategies. Whether you need a basic CMMS software that keeps things simple for employees to use or one that allows for more customization and detail, any one of these can help your business in ensuring that your maintenance programs include less equipment downtime and a maintenance team that’s more efficient in its operations overall.

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