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Shift Swaps

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Scheduling Problems Solved by Coast

1) You'll never have to worry if your team has the latest schedule

Your team can always view the most up-to-date schedule directly on their mobile phone.

2) You'll reduce no-shows and confusion

An alert will be sent to your team for any changes that you make to the schedule and you'll get confirmation on who has seen it.

3) You'll spend less time dealing with shift swaps

Your team will be able to swap and trade shifts directly on Coast.

4) You'll have control of all your time off requests

Easily approve or deny a time off request and you'll have a clear view of who's available to work.

5) You'll avoid unnecessary overtime

You'll get a complete view of hours scheduled for each employee per week so you'll know who's approaching overtime.

6) You'll no longer have to use multiple apps

You can send messages, make announcements, create tasks, and schedule employees all in one place.

I can easily create the schedule in Coast and everyone on my team can pull up the schedule any time on their phones — easy!

Jennifer Sweet

Jennifer Sweet

Owner Colorado Sno-Balls

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