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Coast makes it easy for your team to trade shifts and find replacements on their own so you can focus on your work.

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Coast’s shift swap feature has been a big time saver for me and my staff. I no longer need to deal with all the back-and-forth text messages and between all my staff, they can go into Coast and get their shift covered in minutes.

Jennifer Sweet

Owner Colorado Sno-Balls

Manage shift swap and changes effortlessly

Keep every shift covered

If an employee can’t work their assigned shift, they can quickly offer their shift to available team members to get it covered or they can swap shifts with one another.


Spend more time on what matters

Coast eliminates all the back-and-forth text messages and phone calls just to make a shift change. Every shift swap and change happens inside Coast directly between staff members.

Shift Swap

Manager approval for shift swaps and covers

Managers can quickly approve or deny a shift swap between employees and they can offer an open shift to all employees or select staff members.