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How to use the time card calculator

1. Pick a start date for your time card

Click the dropdown arrow on the first time card entry and choose the starting date for your time card. To add a new day, just click on the ‘Add Next Day’ Button. This tool will save your time entry for each day even if you close the browser. You can come back anytime to edit or add a new time entry.

2. Enter your hours worked for each day

You can enter your hours manually for each day or you can use our clock in and clock out timer to fill in the time worked for the current day. Add any unpaid breaks in the box provided and the tool will automatically calculate the total hours worked for that day.

3. Add your hourly and overtime rates

Add your base hourly rate, choose your overtime rules, and overtime rate. If overtime rules do not apply to you, select "Exempt". The tool will calculate your total gross pay based on hours you worked and your hourly rate and overtime rules.

4. Download or print your time card

Once you're ready to export your time card, you can easily print it out or you can download it as a CSV.

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