Restaurant Deep Cleaning Checklist

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A restaurant deep cleaning checklist will help you clean and sanitize areas that might have remained untouched for months. Use this checklist as a guide to deep clean each section of your restaurant to keep your restaurant in tip-top shape and leave a good impression on your customers.

Restaurant Deep Cleaning Checklist

Spray and wipe down high traffic surfaces like door handles, seats, and railings
Clean windows and glass doors so they are free of smudges and streaks
Spray and wipe down menus
Spray and wipe down all table tops
Sweep and mop floors
Vacuum up any visible crumbs or debris from rugs
Vacuum harder-to-reach areas
Dust all fixtures and secondary surfaces
Thoroughly clean and sanitize bathroom surfaces
Sanitize and scrub the toilets
Clean baseboards
Clean light fixtures
Clean and wipe down walls
Spray and wipe down the surfaces inside coolers
Dust and wipe down bottles and shelves
Clean and flush keg lines
Clean behind any movable equipment
Empty, clean and sanitize reach in coolers, refrigerators
Flush floor drains with drain cleaner
Wash walls
Deal with grease build up: wash behind fryers, flat tops, stove and oven
Empty the ice bin, clean and sanitize
Wash ceilings
Check for pest/rodent droppings
Delime sinks and faucets
Clean hood filters

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