Restaurant Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

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The restaurant bathroom is one of the most important areas of a customer experience, and more than 80% of customers would avoid a restaurant with a dirty restroom. Cleaning the bathroom on a scheduled basis will serve to present a well-maintained bathroom for patrons to enjoy and provides a positive impression on the overall cleanliness of your restaurant.

This restaurant bathroom checklists includes all of the major bathroom areas that should be cleaned and disinfected daily and weekly. Following this checklist will help you easily maintain a beautiful and highly hygienic restroom that will turn your customers into repeating customers

Restaurant Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Put out wet floor signs
Disinfect toilet and urinals
Clean and wipe down glass
Clean and wipe down sinks and counters
Clean and sanitize door handles and dispensers
Empty trash
Refill all dispensers
Sweep floors
Mop floors
Dust, working from top to bottom, dust the above-the-floor surfaces
Wash walls and stall doors
Wash stall partitions
Polish mirrors, backsplashes, and any metal surfaces
Clean floor drains
Scrub grout from floors

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