Beauty Salon Inspection Checklist


A beauty salon inspection checklist will make sure you are in compliance. Use this checklist to identify areas for improvement before you receive an official inspection.

Beauty Salon Inspection Checklist

Valid Certificate of Occupancy
Valid shop / salon owner licenses
Valid manager licenses
Licensed managers on duty at all times during operating hours
Valid individual licenses to practice cosmetology or barbering
Valid individual licenses / certificates to practice as: Instructor(s); Demonstrator(s); Apprentice(s)
Shop / salon owner licenses displayed in unobstructed view of patrons
Individual licenses/certificates worn on uniform/ or other work clothes or displayed at each station in view of patrons
Compliance with Order to remove debris
Use of licensed & certified pest operators to comply with an Order
Exterior waste container lids kept closed at all times other than when container is being filled or emptied
Vent stoppage pursuant to an Abatement Order where rat – infestation of premises exists
Trash or refuse which may provide rat harborage removed from premises pursuant to an Abatement Order
Licensee takes appropriate precaution and uses safeguards that prevent the spread of disease to the public
Adequate solid wall/partition
Adequate Ingress & Egress
Adequate heating
Adequate artificial lighting
Water closet facility: proper number, location and construction
General purpose sink: proper number, location and capacity with hot and cold running water
Shampoo sink: proper number, location, and capacity with hot and cold running water
Shampoo sink(s): properly equipped with shampoo fittings & trim
All plumbing fittings & fixtures designed and installed, or operated to prevent any cross-connection or inter-connection between waste and potable water
Service sink: proper number, location & capacity with hot & cold running water for custodial purposes only
Closed storage cabinets for supplies clean linens, a storage space for supplies and other materials
Each salon or shop has required minimum equipment / supplies
Each braider station has required minimum equipment / supplies
Each barber chair has required minimum equipment/ supplies
Each manicurist station has required minimum equipment/supplies
Storage space for custodial equipment and supplies
Treatment room has a covered rash container
Supplies of appropriate disinfectant, fungicide, and astringent
Clean laundered towels and customer drapes for each customer
Facial or all-purpose chair or table
Closed cabinet or covered container for the storage of clean and disinfected instruments
Covered container of a size that will accommodate the instruments to be disinfected
Dispenser pump, spray-type container, squeeze bottle, or spatula from which all fluids, creams, and lotions are dispensed
Massage of patron’s scalp, face, neck, hands, or feet requirement meet
Massage of other areas of patron’s body by cosmetologists and aestheticians meets requirements
Advertised spa: provides water based treatment, trained therapist, minimum standard of furnishings, and proper license
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