Keep your team on track with recurring tasks

Coast's recurring task will make sure your team is completing regularly occurring work on time.

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The task feature allowed an easy way to delegate tasks across multiple different locations and I can see exactly who has and who hasn't seen the task.

Angie Maher

Operations Manager, Cowan’s Optical’s

Cut hours of busy work each week with recurring tasks

Create recurring tasks based on a repeat schedule

Coast gives you the flexibility to set recurrences for what exactly what you need. Make any task repeat daily, specific day, weekdays, or weekends.


Add subtasks to any recurring task

Add a checklist or list of items to a recurring task for your team to complete. The subtasks will show up every time the task repeats.


Easily remind your team

Your team can keep of their tasks from our mobile app. And when a task repeats, your team will automatically receive reminders to complete the task before the due date.

Task Reminder