Coast as a When I Work alternative

A When I Work alternative for teams that prioritize accountability.

Coast is an easy to use and affordable alternative that takes the headaches out of managing your team.

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We’ve saving so much time and money now that we’re no longer searching our phones for shift information, or important business communications that get lost in a sea of other messages. Coast keeps us highly efficient!

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Why choose Coast over When I Work?

Coast gives you more features on the free plan than When I Work so you can organize your team better.

Coast When I Work
Free Plan Paid Plan
Employee scheduling
Team messaging
Shift swaps
Time off requests
Number of users
Unlimited 75 users
Multiple locations
Multiple team schedules
Photo schedules
Repeating shifts
Schedule more than 10 days in advance
Post unlimited events
Task lists
File attachments
Task management
Checklist procedures
Recurring task and checklists
Maintenance management
Work order management

Coast, an all-in-one workspace

Team messaging, scheduling, tasks, reminders, checklists, to do lists, workflows, for you and your team - all in one place.


Organize conversations


Plan tasks & schedule your team


Assign and prioritise your tasks


Create a workflow for anything

Over 10,000 teams use Coast to get work done

Why Coast is the Best Alternative to When I Work

One place, not all over the place.

Coast brings everything into one place — from employee scheduling and tasks to checklists and team communications — so you don't have to use multiple tools.

Communicate better with your entire team

Easily send group messages or announcements to your entire team and know who has read your messages to keep your team accountable.

Make sure your staff gets work done

Create tasks that can tied to a shift or person and your staff will get automatic reminders to ensure that the task gets completed.

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