How Coast Helped Morning Brew’s Messy Communication

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Morning Brew is a drive-thru coffee stand located in Medical Lake, Washington. Medical Lake is a self-proclaimed military town, but is also home to a local university and two major hospitals. Serving a range of frontline workers and exhausted students alike, Morning Brew is a small-town favorite, and has been a cornerstone in its community for over 20 years.

After 10 years as a loyal and devoted customer of Morning Brew, Connie John purchased the coffee stand, and has been running it for the last four years. Like her predecessors, Connie has made Morning Brew a close-knit family that values a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere for every customer. Morning Brew strives every day to deliver the best roasts and pleasant smiles for their community!

“Everyone has a smile on their face and a really good attitude, because we are there to make everyone happy!”

Morning Brew Staff

Tangled Communication

Before Coast, Connie used standard text messaging to communicate with her staff. However, text messaging quickly became overwhelming, as Connie was constantly inundated with messages from different staff members and text groups. Adding to the confusion, photos of shifts and staff schedules would often need to be sent multiple times to several employees, because the first photo was often buried in the chat stream.

Connie realized that text messaging was getting out of hand for her staff, and that this type of communication made it that much harder for Morning Brew employees to remain on the same page. The business needed a quick and easy form of communication, pronto—and Coast had the perfect solution!

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How Coast Resolved Morning Brew’s Communication Mess

After discovering Coast on the app store, Connie decided to give it a try. After adding all of her employees on Coast, Connie immediately noticed a big improvement in staff communication and organization.

With standard text messaging, Connie’s conversations with staff would often be scrambled and disorganized, but Coast has helped keep all communications in one centralized location. Coast allows Connie to easily keep in touch with each employee, while also providing her with a place to make business announcements. Coast makes it possible for all staff to remain up-to-date, and enables Connie to use her precious time on more important matters than managing text streams with staff.

“So many different texts going at once! With Coast, everyone was included.”

Coast has also improved accountability among Connie’s staff. With Coast’s “seen” feature, all messages—including one-on-one chats and the “All Teams” chat—display whether a staff member has read and received a message. No more wasted time checking to see whether everyone is on the same page!

Coast’s handy scheduling feature was another bonus for Connie and her staff. Before Coast, employees would often ask Connie to send schedules multiple times, as they often got lost in long chat threads. Now, Coast’s “Team Schedule” feature allows Connie to store her schedules in one place for staff, where they can view all new and previous schedules. In addition, Connie is able to see who has and has not seen the schedule posting, boosting accountability among staff and encouraging them to stay on top of their schedules.

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Refreshing Results

At the start of her business, Connie was at Morning Brew from open to close, and was exhausted at the end of each day. As the years have gone by, she has stretched herself between home and work, trying to achieve a balance while her staff runs daily operations at Morning Brew. This means that clear, proper communication is that much more important for Connie’s business. Coast has alleviated Connie’s stress of managing her staff remotely, as she can now make important announcements and be assured that everyone is on the same page. She can stay on top of things even when she’s not physically at Morning Brew.

Coast allows Connie to be involved with and connected to her staff, while taking the necessary time she needs to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Communication between Connie and her staff at Morning Brew is now stress-free! Coast’s simple communication and scheduling has made it easier than ever for Morning Brew to adapt to business demands, and spend more time focusing on their customers. At Morning Brew, communication is no longer messy—it’s refreshing!

“Coast has streamlined our communication.”

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