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Coast makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page by bringing team chat, tasks, and workflows into one place.

Over 10,000 teams use Coast to get work done

Coast, an all-in-one workspace

See how Coast keeps all your conversations and workflows together in one place.


Organize conversations


Plan tasks & schedule your team


Label and prioritize your tasks


Create a workflow for anything


Find it when you need it

One app for all your workflows

Make work easier by not having to use a bunch of separate apps and tools.


Schedule your team in minutes and share instantly with your team.

Replaces: Excel, Google Calendar

Work Orders

Easily create, assign, and track work orders on the go with our mobile app.

Replaces: Microsoft Word, Email


Create recurring checklists in seconds that can be assigned to a specific shift or person.

Replaces: Google Docs, Text Messages

Shift Swaps

Spend less time managing shift swaps and make it simple for your team to trade shifts

Replaces: Text Messages, Phone Calls

Task Management

Keep track of individual and team tasks, set deadlines, and get them done faster.

Replaces: Spreadsheets, Text Messages

Employee Hiring

Post your job openings directly to Indeed in minutes and hire faster.

Replaces: Spreadsheets, Email

Create Your Own

Create any workflow for your business in minutes with our no-code builder.

Replaces: Purchasing one-off software

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With Coast you’re in control

Coast gives you everything you need to manage your team.

Simplify communication

Say goodbye to lost text messages and emails chains for good. Coast messages are connected directly to what you are working on (tasks, checklists, scheduling, shift swaps, work orders) so conversations are exactly where you need them to be.

Calm and in control

No more surprises. With a clear view of your team's work, you can track everyone's progress. Instantly know what's done, what's still in progress, and what's not yet started.

Fast to set up. Ridiculously easy to use.

Get your team up and running with Coast in 60 seconds flat! It's the familiarity of a messaging app combined with the power to track and organize work. Access Coast from any device, no matter where you are.

One place, not all over the place.

It can be frustrating when work happens in many different places: tools, paper lists, spreadsheets, etc. Things slip through the cracks, it's hard to communicate, it's expensive. Coast brings everything into one place, so you can streamline and save time + money.

Love from our customers

Coast has streamlined my team’s communications and reduced so much stress. Before Coast, I was texting all my employees and it was getting overwhelming and disorganized.

Connie John

Owner, Morning Brew

What I love about Coast is that it’s very user friendly. When group messages are delivered, you can see right away who has viewed the message, which helps us determine whom we need to contact directly.

Rosa Trieu

Owner, Baguette Bistro

Coast keeps everything in one place for me and my staff. I can now easily communicate with my whole staff.

Brian Todd

Owner, Brew & Brews

Coast is so user-friendly, the interface is so welcoming and straight forward. It has everything I need to manage my team. Coast is connecting my staff on the island Newfoundland from coast to coast.

Angie Maher

Operations Manager, Cowan’s Opticals

Coast has saved us so much time and money now that we’re no longer searching our phones for shift information, or important business communications that get lost in a sea of other messages.

Jennifer Sweet

Co-owner, Colorado Sno-Balls

Create your free account. No credit card required. Please use a valid phone number or email

What our customers love about Coast

“Easy to use & very convenient”

Sonia Jones-Seals, Marion County Sheriff Office

Google Play Store Review

As the Director of Nursing at a skilled nursing facility we struggled with communicating changes with all staff. We tried several available applications and just couldn't find the right fit. That was until we found Coast. This product helps to increase our communication with all facility departments. With the ability to communicate quickly and clearly with staff we are able to provide quality individualized care to our patients.

Rebecca Willison, Laurel Health

Google Play Store Review

“Coast has been an amazing experience for my workplace. ”

Allen Kilgore, Gamestop

Google Play Store Review

All in one tool that helps me manage my team. It has replaced all the back and forth emails and text. Favorite feature is the tasks where I can track exactly what the progress of each task is.

Janice Lam, World Wide Technology

Capterra Review

“Easy to set up and get running, was communicating with my team in no time”

Simon Chang, Gleason Corporation

Capterra Review

Great way to communicate with large staff! Everyone downloads the app, and even for the ones who don't, they still will receive a SMS of what's going on in the group. I have had a 98% download rate from staff. They love it too, because they can pm each other and have side conversations and no one has to give out phone numbers. This is the best way to get the info you need to large groups of people

Timothy Limon, Northstar Senior Living

Google Play Store Review

It has made my business functional in ways I did not think possible, especially during Quarantine and Covid-19. I am so grateful for this App during all of this!

Dave Combs, In-Symmetry Spa

Apple App Store Review

This app is amazing and the customer support team is unbelievable. This is by far the best management, scheduling, and team communication app I've ever used!

Billy Hampton, Roni's Pub and Grill

Google Play Store Review

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