Coast keeps the whole team (multiple retail stores, bakery, office and delivery) on the same page. It replaces so many emails, texts, and phone calls daily for us.

Jeff Magness

COO Doughnut Plant

Set your team up for success

Communicate better with your entire team

Still having to text or email your team? With Coast, you can turn to one tool to quickly communicate with every member of your team — either individually and in organized chat groups — without ever having to share a phone number.

Organize your team to work better together

In Coast, conversations and tasks happen in chat groups — organized by team, topic, project, or whatever makes sense for your business. With chat groups, you can work more efficiently with your team to get work done.

Find what you need quickly

Everything in chat groups — including messages, images, and files — become searchable in Coast. You can find exactly what you’re looking for no matter who shared it or when.

Improve accountability with your team

Whenever you send a chat message in Coast, you’ll know who has read your message and who has not. You can ensure that your announcement or update has been read.

Why worry when you can Coast?

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