Coast helps small businesses and the growing mobile workforce succeed by enabling team members to communicate quickly and flexibly. The mobile workforce a.k.a. the desk-less worker, does not sit behind a desk and has needs that are underserved in the current world of technology (think restaurants, retail, nursing homes, facilities teams, manufacturing, etc). Whether it’s sending a message, completing a checklist, tracking deliveries, closing maintenance issues, or getting a shift covered, Coast gives business owners and managers time back so they can focus on what they love.

Coast combines chat with lightweight workflows (schedulingwork orders, and more) that can be visualized as a list, Trello-like board, or calendar all built via a no-code platform (think WhatsApp combined with Notion or Airtable). Teams absolutely love Coast because it allows them to combine all of their fundamental needs into one place that feels intuitive and worry free. After all, why worry when you can Coast?


This is an 8-10 week full time UI/UX product design role with possible 4 week extension. The engagement will begin July 2021, with opportunities to continue on a part-time or project based basis. You will be working closely with other members of the team in product, engineering, marketing and customer success to bring impactful and iterative product changes to market.

Our product process is customer-centric, focusing on user testing, qualitative interviews, and prototypes to create solutions based on an empathic understanding of customer needs.

What you’ll do

  • Work closely with the head of product/CEO and customer-facing team members to design product that balances speed, vision, user experience, and business goals to solve real problems for our customers.
  • Work with the engineering team to design, test and review new product features to a high standard of UI/UX execution.
  • Collaborate with front end engineers to create new patterns that help evolve our design system and component based front end library with intentionality.
  • Occasionally support the Marketing team by providing visual graphic assets needed for experiments and testing on the external marketing site.

What we’re looking for

  • You thrive in a collaborative environment, but are able to run design processes and projects independently end to end.
  • 3+ years of working experience.
  • You create clear, accessible, intuitive and visually appealing UI.
  • You listen deeply and are able to take inspiration from many inputs, as well as untangle complex user problems to propose accessible UX flows that use clear mental models.
  • You care about the business implications, and engineering costs associated with your designs, working together with all parts of the team to arrive at an end experience that balances craft, speed of execution and business goals.
  • You are within a 3 hour time zone difference of California.

Coast is actively seeking to diversify the team and you can learn more about us here. Women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. We recognize that not only does a range of experiences and backgrounds help make this team strong, it also helps us empathize and build better products for our diverse customer base. We are an equal opportunity employer and strive to create a joyful and supportive place to work.

What we can offer you

Team: We are a tight knit and very strong core team of nine people. We are a highly customer focused, honest, skilled, direct, solution oriented, creative, ambitious, and fun crew. Previously we’ve worked at big companies like Adobe and Amazon and at both early and late stage for startups like HotelTonight, Upkeep, and Fitbit. We solve tough customer problems together and continually help one another level up.

Compensation: Market rate salary, potential future contracts for upcoming design projects

Product: The market we are going after is massive and way underserved. Our customers love the product and use it for hours every day. What you will be building will directly impact their everyday life. We dog-food and use Coast as our central nervous system just like our customers!

Next Steps

To get a better sense for the type of company we believe in and are building read about our key values here

How to Apply

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